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2 - A short film

Directed by Andrew Prashad

A married couple wake up in separate beds and get ready to take on a very challenging day.  They are preparing to celebrate the second birthday of their son.  He died six months ago and the film studies their ability to cope with the loss while fighting for the survival of their marriage.


A marriage is a partnership where people find themselves dependent on their other half. In this short film, a young married couple struggles with the loss of their 18 month old child. We follow them on the morning of their son's would-be second birthday, as they continue with the ritual of the 'birthday party'. Chris and Liv do their best to support one another but find themselves at each others throats at times and it is unclear if their marriage will survive. In the end, will they be able to put their coping mechanisms aside and be honest with themselves so that they can face this heart-wrenching celebration together?

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