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A Wonderful Day

Before moving to Germany, Shachar plans to propose marriage to his girlfriend, hoping that she will accompany him. His grandmother, a Holocaust survivor, will stop at nothing to prevent him from going to Germany. The conflict becomes inevitable. A Wonderful Day is a cinematic exploration into two different worlds, where two generations unleash their difficulties and judgments with the backdrop of post-World War II.

19Ariel Weisbrod

Director, producer, scriptwriter. Graduate of Tel-Aviv University’s (TAU) Bachelor’s program in Film and is currently enrolled in the Master’s program in Film at TAU. His final project for his Bachelor’s Degree was made in collaboration with NANA10, one of Israel's leading Internet Portals. His short film The Road to Tel Aviv was shown in festivals worldwide and was voted as the crowd's pick in Bulgaria. His script Holy Land from 2009 was a finalist in a number of screenplay competitions around the world, including the prestigious "Beverly Hills Film Festival".

Yossi Meiri

Director, producer, cinematographer. His recent production, cinematography and editing credits include seven short films, which were screened in such festivals as the Cannes Film Festival (2006), Locarno Film Festival (2007) Moscow Film Festival (2007) and Montreal World Film Festival (2010). He recently won the Best Cinematography award at the European Independent Film Festival (2011) for Lavan (which he also produced). He holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts (hon.) as well as a Bachelor of Science from Tel Aviv University (TAU). He is currently enrolled in the Master’s program in Film at TAU. He also works as a director, producer, lighting designer and VFX artist.

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