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Nain Rouge

Nain Rouge

Directed by Jasmine Riveria 


NAIN ROUGE is the story of Jason, a young man visiting the city of Detroit for the first time.  When he finds himself lost and unable to find a way home, Jason learns the true consequences of his actions and what it means to tresspass  in places he does not belong on Devil's Night.
The title of the film refers to the legendary Nain Rouge, or Red Dwarf of Detroit. This mythic figure has been a part of Michgian lore for more than 400 years and is said to be a harbinger of doom for the Motor City. First seen in 1701 by French explorer Antoine de la Mothe Cadillac, the Nain Rouge is said to be a small, red dwarf with long teeth and grisly fur.  He has appeared before the Battle of Bloody run in 1763 before the massacre of British troops by Chief Pontiac and his warriors, before the surrender of Fort Detroit during the War of 1812 and the Great Fire of 1805, as well as before the devastating race riots of 1967, among many other sightings. Every year on the first day of spring Detroiters participate in the Marche du Nain  Rouge, where they burn an effigy of the demon spirit in an effort to drive him away from the city.
NAIN ROUGE is a short film by director Jasmine Rivera as part of the requirements for completing a Master of Fine Arts degree in Film Directing at Columbia University. Shot in Detroit in the fall of 2010 with a cast and crew comprised entirely of Michigan-based professionals, this film is her tribute to her hometown, its legendary history, and its resilient people.

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