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Arithmetic Lesson

United States

This film illustrates the story of Gracie, a seven-year-old Chinese American girl, who finds the courage to defy and survive the traumatic abuse of her au pair while her mother lies comatose.


ARITHMETIC LESSON is a 15 minutes dramatic film that illustrates the courage of the human spirit for survival through the eyes of a seven-year-old Chinese American girl GRACIE. Gracie's mother, MEI, is comatose in the hospital. Gracie's father, YONG, hires an au pair from Taiwan, AH SAN, to take care of Gracie. Ah San provides the daily care for Gracie, which includes overseeing Gracie as she does her homework and taking care of all domestic chores. Unknown to Yong Ah San become impatient with the care -taking of Gracie and becomes abusive to the young child. Throughout many events in the course of the film, Gracie finds the courage to tell her father that Ah San has hurt her physically which results in the eviction of Ah San. Gracie learns to comfort herself instead of constantly seeking comforts from the emotionally unavailable adults around her.

Cast & Characters

Wenhwa Ts'ao Submission Contact Production David Ciesla Co-Producer Paula Froehle Producer Wenhwa Ts'ao Director; Executive Producer Wenhwa Ts'ao Director; Executive Producer Writing Wenhwa Ts'ao Writer Cast Caroleen Wheeland Supporting Eddie Lin Supporting Kyra Young Lead Actor Niki Lindgren Supporting Camera Fred Miller Cinematographer/DP Jeff Tomcho Assistant Camera Nick Smeloff Sound Mixer Tom Wood Gaffer Art Department Aya Cook Costume Designer Courtney Compeau Set Decorator; Costumer Jessica Mahnke Production Designer Jessica Harvey Art Director Madeline Wager Makeup Artist; Makeup Effects; Hairstylist Post Production Piper Kruse Assitant Editor Composers Kimo Williams Original Music/Composer Representation Wenhwa Ts'ao Publicist Print Traffic Wenhwa Ts'ao Print Shipper; Print Return

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