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Boxed In

United States

A short film about a young man -- who is confined to a wheelchair -- that must protect his family.


A recent widow, Emily is preparing for a gentleman caller. The single mother of two -- a sassy teenage girl and a special needs boy -- wants to put her best foot forward. When Toby acts up during the visit, she does her best to calm him to no avail. The gentleman caller leaves sooner than desired and Emily is furious. She leaves the living room barely able to contain her rage, little knowing her son has single-handedly kept the family safe.

Cast & Characters

Christopher Wolfe Submission Contact Production Alexis Olsen 2nd Assistant Director Ben Wolfe Co-Producer Christopher Wolfe Director; Producer Chuck Conway Production Coordinator Mary Lane Co-Producer Matt Buckler Assistant Director Mona Nash Location Manager Monica Ochoa Script Supervisor Richard Prince Production Manager Timothy Graham Co-Producer Writing Robert Chomiak Writer Cast Bret Loehr Lead Actor Roberta Hanlen Lead Actor Rod Davidson Lead Actor Savannah Stehlin Lead Actor Camera Brandon Mastrippolito Cinematographer/DP Domenic Mastrippolito Assistant Camera Post Production Gib Jaffe Editor Composers Graeme Wearmouth Original Music/Composer Representation Christopher Wolfe Publicist Print Traffic Christopher Wolfe Print Shipper; Print Return

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