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Double Talk


Two men applying for the same job find that they much more in common than just their names - they say and do eveything at the same time.
  • Genre: Shorts
  • Runtime: 00 hr : 08 min : 15 sec


When a receptionist calls the name Stanley Jefferson for the two men waiting for a job interview, they both rise and go to desk. From hereon in, the two say and do the same thing, much to the annoyance of the receptionit and to each other. When they are thrown out of the office, they try, without much success and with much frustration, to get away from each other. That proves easier said than done.

Cast & Characters

Randy White Submission Contact Production Justin Dyck Co-Director Randy White Co-Director; Producer (1st Project) Writing Randy White Writer (1st Project) Cast Anthony Tramonte Supporting Craig Harrietha Supporting Jason Bevevello Supporting Mike Estes Lead Actor Mitzi Santos Supporting Priya Malde Supporting Randy White Lead Actor Tara Sandiford Lead Actor Tara Ings Supporting Camera Brittany Dinsmore Boom Operator Kyle Francis Cinematographer/DP Art Department Priya Malde Makeup Artist; Hairstylist Rui Zhou Makeup Artist; Hairstylist Specialized None provided by applicant. Post Production Justin Dyck Editor; Sound Editor Print Traffic Randy White Print Shipper

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