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Eddie and the Alternate Universe

United States

A 10 year-old boy is sent to an alternate reality by an eccentric neighborhood wizard and must fight to return to his world.


Eddie is a 10 year-old boy who hates his brother. One day, an eccentric neighborhood wizard named Mr. Henderson and his pet guard monster Rufus offer to send Eddie to an alternate universe in which his brother had never been born. Eddie accepts and he soon finds himself in a world where his family is extremely wealthy, he receives lots of attention from his parents and no longer lives in fear of being bullied, however, he eventually realizes how much better his life was with his brother. Due to the incompetence of Mr. Henderson, things go awry and Eddie finds he must fight to find a way back to his world.

Cast & Characters

Samuel Lemberg Submission Contact Production Samuel Lemberg Producer; Director Writing Samuel Lemberg Writer Camera Berman Alexander Cinematographer/DP Academic Robb Moss Academic Advisor
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