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Fantastic Glass Portrait

United States

Archii, a Korean immigrant to NYc, Manifests her racial identity crisis through the art of her secret drawing room for 16years, until it is discovered by her American born 16years old daughter, Shine.


Under a blond wig and heavy make up, Archii, a Korean immigrant in New York, has manifested her racial identity crisis through the art of her secret drawing room for 16 years. Archii ’s 16 years old daughter, Shine, who is half Caucasian, keeps asking Archii about the secret of her birth, but Archii hides in her secret room. Inside, Archii paints portraits of herself with Caucasian features. One day, Shine accidentally comes into the secret room and makes collages that allow Archii to realize the identity that she has lost.

Cast & Characters

Arckii MunJong Kim Submission Contact Production Arckii MunJong Kim Director DK DongSik Koh Assistant Director Jason Chew Producer Writing Arckii MunJong Kim Writer Cast Marcel Torres Supporting SooCheung Om Lead Actor Stepheny Stephens Lead Actor Camera Scott Cramer Cinematographer/DP Art Department Racey North Art Director Post Production Arckii MunJong Kim Editor JungEoun Kim Assitant Editor Representation Arckii MunJong Kim Manager Print Traffic Arckii MunJong Kim Print Shipper Academic Arckii MunJong Kim Academic Advisor

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