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I am Bish

What 'I am Legend' would have been if the hero was fatter, whiter, stupider and lived in Perth, Western Australia - the most isolated capital city in the world.


An unattended military computer spits out a report detailing a joint U.S. - Australian military research project into neutron weapons, carried out in Perth, Western Australia; which just happens to be the most isolated capital city in the world. Something went terribly wrong. We are shown footage compiled from a camcorder found on the body of the only survivor of the disaster and are immediately transported back to six months before the proverbial shit hit the fan. The camcorder was being used to record a video diary as a component of a film school assignment. The diary is that of Dave 'Bish' Bishop. Bish is a character, both literally and in the sense that anyone who is kind of unusual gets labeled as such. He is as Australian as shooting a kangaroo in the head on a hot Christmas morning just to steal the chilled can of Fosters that every kangaroo keeps in its pouch. He has a razor sharp wit and a wet sponge intellect. He's also a multi-award nominated screenwriter who, despite coming 2nd in Project Greenlight Australia, has completely failed to get his modest screenplay off the ground. Bish has all but completed film school, his only remaining task is to keep a video diary for six months and edit it so as to produce a 'painfully honest accounting of oneself'. He takes the assignment seriously and the brutally honest insight he provides into the mind of the modern Australian male is truly painful. His philosophy of life is largely based on the teachings of Han Solo, Mad Max, Peter Griffin and Magnum PI - so it is not really surprising that he has never maintained a relationship for more than six months in his life. When the military experiment goes horribly wrong, Bish finds himself alone, possibly the last man alive, in the most isolated capital city in the world. It is a reality that he responds to with surprising cheerfulness. He ransacks expensive houses, steals sports cars and breaks into the Defence Signals Directorate where he discovers a recording of George W Bush and, former Australian Prime Minister, John Howard having phone sex. When zombies begin converging on the city, Bish adapts to that reality with remarkable ease. He breaks into a military base and assembles an arsenal of weaponry which he puts to good use. He prepares to leave the city and lead a life on the run when he discovers another survivor - Sarah. Sarah is hot (as last women alive tend to be), intelligent, sophisticated and completely out of Bish's league were it not for the fact that, as far as they know, he is the only remaining man on the planet. The two forge an unconventional relationship. Bish undertakes to get them safely out of the city but a series of disasters leave them stranded in the midst of the zombie horde where a final battle ensues from which only one survivor emerges.

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David Bishop Submission Contact Production David Bishop Director; Producer Writing David Bishop Writer Cast Dave Bishop Lead Actor Siobhan Dow-Hall Lead Actor Camera Khrob Edmonds Cinematographer/DP (1st Feature) Post Production Dave Bishop Editor; Sound Editor Representation David Bishop Publicist Print Traffic David Bishop Print Shipper; Print Return; Preview Return
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  • Yasmin


    05 July 2010 at 02:19 |
    “I am Bish” is a film which portrays action, comedy, adventure and slight romance all in one. The director David Bishop plays the main character Bish. Bish is fighting to protect himself from zombies which were created after a neutron wave eliminated mankind in the area. He was one of the survivors from the 0.001% of the population which was not affected from the radiation wave. The film is taking place in Western Australia.
    Through the documentary Bish brings laughter to his audience several times from mocking zombies and zombie movies, characters from various movies or just making random comments. He includes slight romance when he introduces the second main character who he longs to have an intimate relationship with. However, even though he is the last male survivor she refuses him in various comical ways. Bish even plays the role of a hero when he warns her about the zombies and tells her to stay locked in. Although, she follows his orders and keeps a samurai sword with her, she is still under attack by the zombies. This is when Bish plays the typical role of a “knight in shining armor” (only he uses gardening tools) and comes to her rescue, however the table quickly turns when she pulls out her sword and fights along his side. Basically it doesn’t turn out to be your typical “Cinderella” rescue as you would expect it from the beginning. This made the film interesting, all the unexpected moments and comments.
    After that first battle, the two become acquainted and decide to escape out of the area together. The ending of the film was not typical and it made it more interesting. Bish tells the girl to leave without him. The audience would expect her to refuse and say something along the lines “I won’t leave you behind”, considering her facial expressions. However, she changes faces quickly, smiles and drives away. This film was good entertainment and kept it's audience in suspense. You should watch it too.
  • Jannatul


    22 July 2010 at 21:48 |
    My friends and I decided to attend the Detroit Windsor International Film Festival on June 25th to take advantage of an extra credit opportunity that was offered to us by our English professor. We were eager to watch the film and chose to watch “I am Bish.” The film “I am Bish” was very confusing for me at the beginning because there were so many things happening at the same time. I did not understand what was happening at first. After watching 30 minutes of the movie, I realized it was a documentary and a movie combined. Bish is a student who is in his last year in Film school. He is shooting a film as his final project. He titled the film “I am Bish.” This film and documentary was made in Australia. I believe his intended audiences are adults because throughout the movie, there were a lot of inappropriate things said and shown. The film consisted of humor, romance, action, and drama. The movie began when people were becoming zombies due to some type of radiation emission and it was like a virus that kept spreading everywhere. Bish is the main character in the movie and he is the only survivor in his city. Bish lives in a city called Perth in Australia and the whole population in that city became zombies. Once everyone became zombies, Bish enjoyed his time at first because he was stealing cars and breaking into houses and doing whatever he desired. After a while, he started feeling lonely. Throughout the film, it showed Bish chatting with different girls on the internet and so he met a girl named Sarah. He liked her and told her to be careful because zombies are everywhere hunting humans down. Sarah is from another city and so, she came to Perth to meet Bish. Bish and Sarah were the only two survivors and they were dating one another. Later, he fell deeply in love with her. In the meantime, the zombies were getting crowded in the city so Bish and Sarah decided that they should leave before the zombies attack them. However, it was too late. They were rushing to get into the car, and all the zombies kept following them. They got into the car and drove a block, but the car stopped working. The car would not start at first, and the zombies were attacking their car trying to break in. Bish tells Sarah to drive off when the car starts; meanwhile, he kills the zombies. He steps out from the car and starts shooting all the zombies, but more and more kept coming from different horizons. Then, Bish tells Sarah to leave and she leaves without hesitation. After Sarah left Bish stranded in a field full of zombies, he got bitten by zombies, but he was able to kill all of the zombies. When he went home, he had blood all over his body and still continues to finish his documentary. Knowing that he was bit by a zombie, he knew he was going to turn into one. He told himself he rather die before he turns into a zombie. Thus, he shoots himself because he might turn out as a zombie. Right then, he wakes up and it was all just a dream. He realized there is more to life, other than having fun with girls. There is a scene in this film that shows a perfect example of the fairy tale, where a female getting saved by a male. The male Bish saves his girlfriend and kills all of the zombies showing that he has a lot of power. I believe this film could have been better. There were a lot inappropriate moments and was not even related to the story. It was ridiculous because it didn’t even relate to the movie. Those moments in the film made him look very disgusting. I found this film very boring because I could not tell what was going on. I also felt as the actors acted very poorly, the film seemed as though it was not done professionally. With that being said, there were some good qualities in this film. It consisted of humor, romance, and action. I think it had a good story line, but consisted of bad actors.

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