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In the Woods

A vacationing couple discover their camp site isn't as secluded or safe as they had hoped in this thriller written and directed by Vilma Zenelaj.  When Eva (Greta Zenelaj) and Steve (David Landry) are nearly shot by Carl (Rocco Di Nobile), a careless and mysterious hunter,  the couple quickly suspect his presence in the forest is more than a coincidence.   With Carl watching their every move and his attraction to Eva becoming more evident by the moment, the couple try desperately to flee these mountains where phone service is nonexistent and the way out is miles away on foot.  When Steve breaks his ankle, it is up to Eva to find a way out of the forest for both of them!   Anora Wolff and Keyvan Kiafer co-star in this thriller that's sure to keep only the most adventurous campers from daring to venture... INTO THE WOODS.

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