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Pizza With Bullets

United States

'Pizza With Bullets,' A sickly Mafia Don (Vincent Pastore) on his deathbed suddenly revived from the aroma of a pizza thinks the pizza maker is his long lost son (Ronnie Marmo).


“Pizza with Bullets” is a romantic-comedy centering on a Mafia Don’s family (Don Vito Presperino) and the personal family consequences of his business dealings: the disappearance of his only son, Anthony, who has been missing for nearly twenty years. It is the Don’s last wish to locate his son. The story takes an intimate look at the demise of Don Vito’s business in the hands of his successor, Gino Falcone. The movie opens in the palatial bedroom of Papal grandeur belonging to Don Vito, a frail, once powerful, now old man on his death bed, with his youthful gray-haired wife, Mary, and Father Alozzo, by his bed side. Contrasting with the somber selection of the Undertaker’s miniature casket collection set out before Mary, is the downstairs den where Don Vito’s entourage waits for the Don to pass on while they watch a baseball game Always led by their stomachs, the Mafioso gang orders takeout pizza from Johnny Casanova’s Pizza Parlor. They make certain to order the Don’s favorite to ensure their standings in his heart (and Will). Owner of the pizza parlor, Johnny Cassanova, personally delivers the order to the Don’s house. The smell of pizza brings an instant cure to the Don and he emerges from his dark bedroom and, upon setting eyes on Johnny, instantly embraces him as his long-lost son. We follow Gino’s attempts to sabotage the family and, threatened by Johnny’s new place in Don Vito’s heart, plans to take Johnny’s life. Meanwhile, disloyal mobsters arrange for Don Vito’s murder while Johnny and his fiancé, Lisa, try to plan their wedding. No one can be trusted and with several attempts to do away with Johnny, the wedding might not take place. Amidst chases and shootouts, Mary tries desperately to solve the mystery behind her missing son so she may bring him to his father. What will become of Johnny’s fate and who in the family was involved in Anthony’s disappearance? With an exciting twist in the end, this tale takes an amusing look at this disheveled group of gangsters trying to outsmart the Boss and outrun the Feds. With plenty of pizza and laughs, this promises to deliver a tasty and fun-filled romp with the “Not-So-Good-fellas”.

Cast & Characters

Jeffrey Cordone Submission Contact Pizza With Bullets Productions, LLC 101 W. Cochran St. C/O AMP Studios Simi Valley, CA, 93065 U S A Production Fred Caruso Executive Producer Gabe Videla Producer (1st Feature) Jeffrey Cordone Producer (1st Feature) Pizza With Bullets Productions, LLC 101 W. Cochran St. C/O AMP Studios Simi Valley, CA, 93065 U S A Jonathan Way Co-Producer Robert Rothbard Director Romeo Antonio Producer; Executive Producer Writing Robert Rothbard Writer Tony Devon Writer (1st Feature) Cast Carolina D'Amore Supporting Danny Nucci Supporting Ronnie Marmo Supporting Talia Shire Lead Actor Tony Devon Supporting Tony Amendola Supporting Vincent Pastori Lead Actor Camera Anthony Palmieri Cinematographer/DP Don Duffield Key Grip Roger Awad Gaffer Steve Weiss Sound Mixer Art Department Bridiget Farrington Costumer Camille Jumelle Costume Designer Mel Cooper Production Designer Myke Michaels Makeup Artist Post Production Jeremy Vannex Editor; Digital Effects Walter New Sound Editor Composers Bob Christianson Original Music/Composer Print Traffic Jeremy Vannex
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