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PROTANGELINE (pro-tan-juh-leen) n. A STATE OF BEING where one exists without purpose, living day to day, satisfied with the basic needs of life.Protangeline is a journey through a day in the life of people from  Downriver Detroit Michigan who are battling their own personal demons and an area that is plagued with unemployment and cursed with hard times as seen through the eyes of 20 year old Matt Blevins, a new employee of Stan's Place Bar (a gritty hole in the wall establishment). Matt is introduced to a host of characters that bring to life struggles of a faultering economy.  The Bar's owner Stan finds solace in the world of professional wrestling and incorporates it in his daily life. Larry the head cook and ex-convict struggles with alcoholism as fellow employee and sidekick Chris rests on his every word. Dishwasher, Ritchie is stuck in a state of marijuana while bartender Connie keeps a goodhearted spirit about the bar. Down and out patrons  'Crazy' Phil, a schizophrenic and 'Crackwhore' Mary, a drug addicted prostitute bring an eye opening way of life that others choose to judge so quickly. Throughout the day Stan's and everyone's lives are brought to light one by one. Stan's personal life, hidden by his gruff and abusive demeanor is exposed through the Bar's patrons and employees. This journey will take you on a roller-coaster ride of emotions and in the end you will realize that love comes in many different forms.

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