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The Crimson Mask

United States

An outwardly wealthy businessman and a professional wrestler who's fallen on hard times find their fates colliding in an alternate universe New York City where an ancient conspiracy could prove the path to redemption. Official website


Two desperate men, from different worlds, find themselves unwitting pawns in an ancient ritual. Greed, Lust, Pride, Anger, and Envy have consumed the lives of Thomas Caine, a seemingly wealthy businessman, and Parker, a down on his luck pro wrestler. Both are overwhelmed with insurmountable debts and struggling to break free by any means. As their lives quickly unravel, so does an age-old secret conspiracy that leads the two men down a deadly path of redemption. Robert Clohessy, Josh Burrow, and Chrishell Stause headline a cast of veteran actors who breathe life into the visually inventive and thought provoking world of the Crimson Mask – where curious characters inhabit an imaginary and timeless New York City. This modern day parable is told by award winning Writer / Director Elias Plagianos who spent over 6 years developing this crime-noir fantasy thriller as his feature film debut. Produced on an ultra low budget, “The Crimson Mask” is an example of how independent cinema can compete with studio films by using innovative digital technology in combination with established filmmaking techniques to tell compelling new stories.

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