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Timothy Feathergrass

Good-natured, affable Timothy Feathergrass has spent 10 years building a satellite that can predict earthquakes from space. The only problem is that he can't afford to launch it without selling his prize possession: an undershirt signed by the crew of NASA's Apollo 13 mission!Timothy lives with his older brother Greg, a bad-tempered frisbee coach. Greg's obsessed with their next-door neighbor, the bewitching and Machiavellian Bree Dorris, who wants nothing at all to do with Greg.Enter the compassionate Tessa, the new girl in town. She sells her homemade, organic potions door-to-door, and develops a liking for the bullied, introspective Timothy. When Greg steals Timothy's Apollo 13 undershirt for Bree, Timothy plots to reacquire it, but will the price he has to pay be too steep?

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