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'About as close to salvia as a music video gets.'                             From the creative minds that are indie rock duo mr. Gnome comes Vampires, the ten-minute rock movie opus that is part children's show, part music video and all horror epic.Set in the studios of the hit children's television show, Space Magic, Spacemen Perry, and his sidekick Robbit, journey through space from place to place seeking new adventures.  In this week's episode, the space travelers visit magical Forest City, home of the colorful and playful Emongs.Watch as the Emongs lead Perry and Robbit to their secret inner forest where weekly musical guests, mr. Gnome, perform their hit single,Vampires.But be careful.....all is not as it seems.  As Robbit listens to the music, he is slowly transformed into an other worldly creature, with the ravenous needs of the vampire.  And most unfortunately, his transformation is very, very contagious.Can Spaceman Perry save the day... and more importantly, can mr. Gnome finish their song in the midst of the chaos and mayhem?Watch in wonder the trippy escapades of Spaceman Perry and experience all that is the music of mr. Gnome....Vampires.

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